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Month: September 2016

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Home’s Plumbing

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Your plumbing is one of the most underappreciated functions in your home. Without it, most of your favorite appliances wouldn’t run, nor would you be able to complete general household tasks. Even being without plumbing for a day would throw a wrench in your life. Just think of the dishes that would pile in the sink, the inconvenience of not being able to shower, or even just the inability to wash your hands!

We think every homeowner should be able to maintain their home’s plumbing to a certain extent. Below are our five tips for maintaining your plumbing.

Get to know your plumbing.

No, we don’t mean you need to buy it dinner, just figure out where everything is. Not only is it important to know where the pipes are in case of future leaks, but also you need to be wary of them when making other renovations.

In addition, you should always know where the shut off valve is for your home’s plumbing. It’s best to locate the valve before you need it, like we discussed in this post about flooded basements.

Check for leaks.

Leaks in your plumbing aren’t always obvious so it is important to check for them regularly. If left for long periods of time, a leak can waste a lot of money and water. So, for your wallet’s sake, and the environment, make it a habit to check for leaks.

A great way to check for plumbing leaks is to monitor the water meter on your property. To do so, check the meter at night when everyone is using water and again in the morning before anyone wakes up. If the meter is higher in the morning, you most likely have a leak.

Maintain your hot water heater.

We know we’ve already talked to you about your hot water heater, but it’s so important we felt the need to bring it up again. It is important to check your heater every six months for signs of wear. And remember, hot water heaters last an average of ten years, so if yours is nearing that mark, it’s important to be more vigilant in monitoring its function.

Maintain the drains in your home.

It’s easy to forget about your drains until there is something wrong, such as a clog, but it is important to have them inspected and cleaned annually by a professional. Trust us, maintaining your drains is more cost effective than having to pay for an excavation to replace them.

Know your limits.

We get it, you like to do the work yourself. You’re a DIY kind of person. But remember when we covered the most common DIY plumbing mistakes? Don’t let that be you. Sometimes the simplest of jobs can turn catastrophic if not handled properly.
As always, contact us at A&A Plumbing with any questions you may have!

Why You Should Avoid Store Bought Drain Cleaners

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The water in your sink has been progressively draining slower over the last couple of months until one dreaded day when the water begins to pool. It’s official, you have a clog in your drain and there’s no way you can continue to ignore it any longer. But before you reach for the ever-so convenient store bought drain cleaner, you should read up on the effects they can have on your plumbing.

We know that pouring drain cleaner into your sink is both an easy and cost-effective solution, but they often do more harm than good. Most store bought drain cleaners contain highly corrosive chemicals meant to ‘eat’ through the clog. While they are a great solution in the short-term, they will damage your pipes over time. Years of intermittent use can lead to severe structural damage on your drain pipes, meaning they will need to be replaced sooner than usual.

In addition to damaging your pipes, store bought drain cleaners don’t always remove the entire source of the clog. Often, waste is left behind and acts as a starting point for future clogs. Have you ever noticed that after using drain cleaner to get rid of a clog, another soon forms? The extra waste left in the pipes is exactly why that happens!

Store bought drain cleaners can be very harmful, and even toxic if used incorrectly. The chemicals used in drain cleaners are extremely dangerous – they are meant to corrode metal! Not only are the chemicals dangerous if you come in contact with them, but the fumes can be deadly when mixed. A good rule of thumb is that if you try one drain cleaner and it doesn’t clear the clog, never immediately try a different brand of drain cleaner. There is a chance the chemicals could mix, resulting in toxic fumes.

If you have small children or pets, you should be even more cautious about keeping such dangerous chemicals in your household.

So, what should you do when a drain clogs? You should call a professional to have it removed. Having a professional remedy the problem will help you to avoid costly repairs in the future and will help prevent serious clogs from forming.
If you have any questions about store bought drain cleaners this blog didn’t cover – please don’t hesitate to contact us! That’s what we’re here for.